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B Type Sheet Metal Spray Painting Rack(Hits:22) 
B Type Sheet Metal Spray Painting Rack-ICSP2015-1013B
  • B Type Sheet Metal Spray Painting Rack-ICSP2015-1013B
Item No.:ICSP2015-1013B

Name: B TypeSheet Metal Spray Painting Rack

Model Number: ICSP2015-1013B

Product Description:

Multi-purpose removable portable hangingframe is made from a mix of galvanized steel and could carry any body parts suchas car door, fender, hood, tail box cover, etc. It could rotate in any angleaccording to the adjustable automatic rotary handle. In this way it couldimprove the work efficiency of the spray coin worker effectively and it will beincreased by more than 1 to 2 times compared with the ordinary usageefficiency. It is much better for the paint effect and could reduce the laborintensity. Suitable for pour may models. This kind of universal frame isremovable, easy to transport, save electricity and save fuel consumption.



Including 6pcs hooks and 2pcs carriages



1.Packed in 1pc each carton

2.Carton size:120*30.5*16cm;212*85*92cm



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